About Us


Roots Deep In SoIL

We are a small farm located  in Williamson County in beautiful Southern Illinois. Glaciers End is an agribusiness focused on cultivating rare and unique varieties of fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants and creating delicious products for your kitchen and cellar. In the future, we plan to craft sweet and hard cider as well as jams, jellies and pickles from our orchard and gardens composed of heirloom varieties that are as rare as they are tasty. We use natural fermentation processes to preserve our fruit and vegetables producing healthy and delicious creations that challenge and delight the palate.

Meet the Crew


Derek Ervin


Derek grew up in Herrin Il. He spent 17 years living in Chicago where he started a dog care business and met his lovely wife Libby. They decided to go back to their roots and headed out of the big city to pursue a quiet life in the country. He is now attempting his lifelong dream of building an orchard.

libby looking beautiful

Libby Ervin


Libby grew up in rural Indiana, where she lived in log cabins and had a love for nature and animals. She spent 14 years in Chicago where she channeled her green thumb to apartment living and she worked in the senior care industry. After meeting Derek and getting married, they took a cue from Green Acres and decided farm living was the life for them. She is now pursuing her dream of having a greenhouse, letting her green thumb go wild and having a small zoo of animals.



Farm Guardian /  Animal Supervisor

Yeti was born in Indiana May ’17 and moved to southern IL when he was only a few weeks old. He comes from a long line of mole hunters and is the first one on the farm to alert everyone of any suspicious noises or smells. His chickens are some of the best behaved within three counties (except Tom Petty) and he is very good at chasing his tail whenever he needs to go outside. He is a true Yeti monster when he plays with his buddy Farley but he is overall a gentle giant. His hobbies include running around his orchards, chewing on sticks and rocks and kong time.

farley as a kitty



Farley was discovered by a family member Sept ’17 on the mean streets of Carbondale at a drive thru. He jumped in her car to take a drink of her soda and she knew immediately to call Derek and Libby, knowing they were suckers for animals. Farley became a member of the Ervin family and while he is a terror to his big sister Penny, he loves playing rough & tumble with his partner in crime Yeti. His hobbies include plant eating, much to his Mom Libby’s disgust, napping and looking out the window to keep an eye on the farm.

ms penny 1



Penny was born in Chicago in ’09. While she was born on the southside, she primarily lived on the northside and is a true Cubs fan at heart, just like her parents! She was a wild kitten in her younger years but has matured into a gentle and loving kitty. While she was a city girl, she has adjusted to the peace and quiet of the country. She prefers to rule the farm from the comfort of her indoors world. Her hobbies include cuddling on arms and necks, watching out the window for birds and hissing at her younger and more obnoxious brother Farley.


Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Guardian and Egg Slingers

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers joined the Ervin clan May ’17. Tom Petty was 6 months old and his hens were around 2. The hens literally ruled the roost and would not even let him in but now that they are all several months older, things have changed. Tom Petty, while a known jerk to humans, takes care of his ladies and is always keeping an eye on them and finding them yummy creepy crawly treats. The hens love free ranging around the farm and will come running at the mention of treats. We so appreciate them for producing their extra large and delicious eggs!